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eMail Henry

living in Vienna, Austria

Heinrich FRIEDRICH (Henry)
Operator, Radio Moderator, Chief Admin,
responsible for the WEB pages content

- the content of our program
- the content of the Spirit TV page(s)
- the radio station and the radio server
- our newsletter

- artist contacts, interviews, studio guests,
- PR information, suggestions, feedbacks
- if you have prayer reqests or questions
- or need someone to talk with

My wife and I are binding members
of the Kagran evangelical church in Vienna.
In my spare time I'm at Erlebnis-Oase (experience oasis) in a Bible study circle,
and every Saturday afternoon as worship musician deployed there.

In radio chat I'm your contact for questions,
like doing accept your prayer requests,
am available for confidential discussions
or just to have a small talk with you.
Also I like jokes and fun, as long as this do
not violate the honor and reputation of others.
I notice very strict that in the chat a loving,
respectful treatment with each other is maintained.

Click here to see my christian schooling, training, education ...

Pastor Prince Ashirifie
eMail Prince
living in Austria

Pastor Prince Ashirifie
Chief Admin, Radio Moderator

- prayer & counseling
- the english radio program and videos
- Admin chief responsibility for the English Chat
- questions, suggestions & feedback about the content of the English pages

I'm your contact for questions,
like doing accept your prayer requests,
am available for confidential discussions
or just to have a small talk with you.

Leader of "Psalmist Prayer Sanctuary"
I am passionate about prayer to believers
(anyone who believe in God through Christ Jesus).
I'm living in Vienna, am married and have four wonderful children.

More information will follow soon.
So stay tuned.
eMail Pia
eMail Pia
living in Gemany

Chat Admin, Radio Moderator

I love Jesus and he loves me. He has been with me all my life.
For years I have been moderating in various Christian radio stations,
and I like to sing in honor of the Lord.
In the chat I will as far as I can
are praying and talking to your side.
I'm also pastorally equipped by God and I will
let me equip more of his holy spirit.
More information can be found here (german):

My little resume (PDF)
eMail Sonny
eMail Sonny
living in Gemany

Chat Admin

My name is Sonny, I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 12 years,
but since then experienced again and again uphill and downhill.

Since July 16, 2010, I am married and since 1994 I live in the Taunus mountains in Hessen
and have a daughter who was born in 1996.

I'm in the team since the year 2011 and operator at my own christian forum.
Visit my forum "Leben in Christus" - click here (german).

Among my hobbies: chat, phone calls, play guitar
and sing and read and meet with friends.
I am an honest person and do not like it therefore,
if you lie to me - and I love to socialize new contacts.

Email to Gera
eMail to Gera
living in Germany

Chat Admin, Radio Moderator

In January 2013 I started at Ichtys radio and now I'm here.

In Taizé I found 1973 living faith in Jesus Christ. During my theological studies I met my husband and we wanted an exciting life. Some years I led a congregation, we established several communities in Eastern Europe with and experienced much with the living God. In 2006, we adopted a Russian orphan and since 2013, we live house church.

Through training and vocation I serve in teaching and pastoral care and am here ready to serve you. Furthermore, I work with in Braunschweig and as a presenter at christsein.com the board of the CIB Chapters. As before, my heart burns for mission and I will serve you well here on the radio. If a Tuesday at 11:00 clock in my internet prayer group pray with wish, you register with me.

For a program I want to let squads have their say. Squads led the Randfichten (Holzmichel), was converted, writes her own songs, singing and telling about our liberation from alcohol. The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International / FGBMFI ask me every month to receive the evangelistic meeting are available for radio broadcasts.

Also check out out my page - click here.

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