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In memory of David Wilkerson:

David Wilkerson - Das Kreuz und die Messerhelden

Das Kreuz und die Messerhelden

This film tells the true story of David Wilkerson. He was, arguably, one of the most famous preachers of our time. Through countless streets crusades and great evangelism events he became known across America's addition.
A lot of time and understanding he brought up also for young people - what earned him not only recognition. In some engagements, he literally risked his life on behalf of his Lord and God.

David Wilkerson died on April 27, 2011, in a car accident.

Bayless Conley: Glaube empfängt - Believers Receive
Glaube empfängt - Believers Receive

Bayless Conley describes on the basis of some examples from the Bible, how faith positively changed the life of humans.
Bayless Conley points out, how God can change also YOUR life, if you give faith to his word and trust.
(english, german undertitles)
6.000 Punkte für den Himmel (german)
6.000 Punkte für den Himmel

(Can WE ' earn' the heaven?)

Many people believe that it is enough, being a good person in order to have a secure place in the heaven. Others again think that God close both eyes at 'small' sins.
God's word - the Bible - speaks here a clear language. If you want to check whether YOU have 'earned the heaven' here are God's response.
(Deutsch, ca. 18 Minuten)
Bayless Conley:
Bayless Conley: Zehn Gebote für die Ehe - God's Ten Commandments for Marriage
Gottes zehn Gebote für die Ehe
God's Ten Commandments for Marriage

"Many humans do not believe that it is sufficient, good property marriage come automatically. You have to work on it. A good marriage must base on more than passion. " - Bayless Conley teaches us 10 important requirements of a good marriage. " Learn how God can make your marriage an exciting relationship."
(englisch, german undertitles)
The Bridge
The Bridge

(Was Gott aus Liebe zu uns tat)

God loves all humans. He longs himself to have community with us but we humans again and again gave a brush-off to him, finally struck his reminders completely into the wind - and turned us away from him.
But God never gave up and found a new way to prove to us his extra large love.
You should watch this film only if you are absolutely unimpaired. Let God touch you deeply in your heart from his love.
(german / english undertitles)

Bayless Conley:
Ich heiratete einen Fremden - I Married an Alien
"Men and women are very different, if you did not notice this. Unfortunately some differences come only after the marriage to the light. It often seems, as if you would have married an Alien;"
Thus how Bayless Conley and his wife begin this very excitingly lecture.
Become acquainted with the fundamental needs of your wife, your man.
(english, german undertitles)
Wolfgang Wegert:
Wolfgang Wegert: Wer ist Jesus?
Wer ist Jesus?

Surely you heard already much of and about Jesus. Who - real - was Jesus?
Pastor Wolfgang Wegert from the 'Arche' in Hamburg would like to present to you the Jesus of the Bible.
Are you really willing to know this Jesus?

Bayless Conley:
Bayless Conley: Erfolg in der Ehe - Success in Marriage
Erfolg in der Ehe
Success in Marriage

Is your marriage correct? Is it as well as possible? Is it perfect? - If it is perfect we can not tell to you anything, because our marriage is not perfect. We work eagerly on it. We want to communicate today things, which can help to improve your marriage. - In such a way Bayless Conley and its wife start with this excitingly lecture in 3 parts about marriage.
(english, german undertitles)

  Gott würfelt nicht
Gott würfelt nicht

Is the creation - and are concomitantly we humans - bare a random product? Or is the Bible nevertheless right there is a God, which created all what we see in the sky and on earth?
From love for us and around us to enjoy us about the omnipotence of God, which could create so much marvelous and various. Is everything only coincidence or is this creator real? Judge.
  Jesus Movie english   Jesus Film deutsch
Jesus Film for children germanJesus Film für Kinder
Videos on faith topics
Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt - Die Wunder der Bibel: Zumutung oder Tatsache?

Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt
The miracle of the Bible:
Imposition or fact? (german)
Sehen Sie: Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt - 10 Argumente gegen den christlichen Glauben

Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt
Ten arguments against
christian faith (german)
10 Stolpersteine für die Evolution starten

Reinhold Federolf
10 stumbling blocks for the evolution (german)
Matthias Theis - Hingabe der Weg zur Freiheit

Matthias Theis
Devotion - the way to freedom (german)
God has written a love letter to you (german) Tracks in the sand (german)
7 Facts that everyone should know (german) Conny (german)
Is God evil? (german) The truth (german)
Prayer in difficult times (german) Great moment of God (german)

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