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Honorary aides:
We are looking for people who would like to cooperate voluntarily with us.
Did you get a special gift from God? You're not sure?

Then have a look here, if you have any of these gifts.
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Contact us either via our form for contact or by email: team(at)spiritlive.at

For broadcasting you absolutely need:
PC or laptop with at least 512 MB main memory, a constant internet connection (Chello, DSL, ADSL ...), a DVD Rom drive, at least 20 gigabyte free disk space for the MP3s and a headset (microphone).

The necessary software for broadcasting as well as MP3s you may get if you need. Additionally we may help you during the installation and show you mechanism of the software and offer sufficient assistance and information how to broadcast the radio.
You should apply only if you have already some experience as broadcaster or chat moderator AND if you have good PC knowledge.

Very helpfully would be, if you download Skype, to be able to call us at any time for emergency aid and for having the possibility to transfer MP3s to each other.

If you like to support us as a minister, preacher or as advisor, fill out at least the personal data and write into the field 'Tell us more about you' that you would like to support us with contributions or other help. contributions in foreign languages must be present at least in english translation in writing, in order to make it possible for us to examine the contents.

Fill out now the form as exactly as possible. We guarantee that the information, which you convey to us we use exclusively internally. Send it and then please have patience. We answer you as soon as possible. - Thanks!

!!! NO DJ - FEES !!!

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