Spirit Live Radio assistance for listeners & chat guests:

Our radio will NOT start automatically. When you open the 1st time our radio, you might get the message
that Scripts or other contents were blocked (information border, in the window right at the top).
These are however necessary, in order to open the chat window and start our radio.

Click in addition on the information border and select allow download from this side or to allow execution.
You must permit it to hear our radio!

!!! The player for listening to the radio !!!
If you use Firefox, you may install first an AddOn.
Click simply here in order to install it.
The radio can be started manually on the 'Home' page by clicking on one of the player icons or
you click here and listen to our radio AT 'radio.de'..

We guarantee that no damage results to your PC!

If you use english language you are not any longer in the german chat room.
To avoid confusion the german chat room is totaly seperated from the english chat room.
May be - in the future - we will have an english room in the main chat room.

You must absolutely allow Cookies.
You do not have to register with your name or your email address. You decide whether you register with your real name, or selects a fantasy name as nick name. You can register also completely anonymous. All the more is valid: respect the chat rules!

The Script tries to set different cookies. If your browser accepts cookies, your nick name (as well as a possibly selected color and further attitudes) is stored on your computer as cookie, and used with the next visit in the chat again.

If you open the first time the chat, you see either chat Logout direct or also the chat area.
In the chat Logout you find further instructions.
We recommend to register your nick name on the Login site.
So you can be safe that nobody other can use your nick name.
In order to login to the chat room - if you come directly into the chat area - write down, right from the Submit button your desire-nick
and type then left from the Submit button your first message into the free field.
Send your message then either with the Submit button or with the enter key.
Now you are loged in the chat and see the list of all present users on the top right and in the main window on the left the current messages.

In order to log in again with another nick name
click right on the button X ... Logout!
(you will not leave the radio during this)
click then on anmelden or Zum Login od. registrieren (to the Login or register)
and log in with an other nick name again.

Banned visitors cannot register again however with another nick name,
because not the nick name but the IP is banned.

Simply close the site if you like to leave the chat & the radio.
You are then logged out automatically in the chat.
By that you leave the radio too!

If you should have questions nevertheless send us an email.